PIR Pre-insulated Duct is an excellent alternative to traditional galvanized Iron(sheet metal) ductwork and is ideal for specifications where space or weight is restricted. Compared with heavy galvanized sheet metal ducting that requires a second step to its installation process to both vapor seal and thermally insulate the ductwork, PIR foam air duct offers a high performance, lightweight and robust ductwork system that requires only a single fix installation process. This not only makes it a high speed operation for projects on which time is critical but also provides the advantage of a considerable saving in cost and space. PIR Pre-Insulated Duct can make a saving of over 20% on operating cost over a 30 year life.

PIR Pre-insulated Duct is widely used in the ventilation systems of central air conditioning units in hotels, supermarkets, airports, stadiums, schools, food stores, and more.


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