Nu-Shield Aerosol

A specially formulated super-hydrophobic (water repelling) product in a convenient aerosol package for field service. The non-conductive formula has numerous applications in the management of water on non-food, non-potable water surfaces for the HVAC/R trade; surfaces that are not exposed to ongoing abrasion (hand and foot traffic).

  • Slows ice formation on refrigeration coils/cold plates
  • Provides added corrosion resistance to coils
  • Improves corrosion resistance to system components. Examples include circuit boards, filter-driers, flow control valves, equipment covering, etc.
  • Provides added corrosion protection of solder connections on low voltage circuit boards
  • Self-cleaning properties reduce rate of grime on outdoor coils
  • Reduces rate of bacterial growth on non-food, non-potable water surfaces
  • Improves water dispersion in condensate pans
  • Many other applications!


  • Evaporator Coil
  • Condenser Coil
  • Circuit Boards

Protects Against

  • Moisture
  • Sea Coast Air
  • Ammonia
  • Ice-Blocking
  • Industrial Corrosion


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