For Mini-Split units up to 30,000 BTU/H!

The Dual Voltage Edisson Mini-Condensate Pump (EMCP18) are suitable for integration in air conditioners, mini split, ceiling, and wall mounted units.
Condensate (drops of water caused by warm, humid air passing over a cold surface) are formed in air conditioning, refrigeration and condensing boiler units.
There are 2 ways of removing them:

1. Evacuate the condensates by gravity, which means dealing with the technical and aesthetic problems (distance drainage outlet, not enough fall, damage to walls and unsightly pipe work)

2. Install a condensate removal pump (smaller dimensions, the appearance of the installation is preserved for pearl spring series, simple and quick to install for clear spring series, safer as equipped with alarm and non return valve.)

The Mini-Condensate Pump is a system which consist of a pump unit and a detection unit allowing condensates to be evacuated to a water drainage outlet where there is no gravity fall.
This technology has 3 advantages:

1. Protect the appearance of the customer’s installation

2. Easy, simple and safe to install

3. Reduction of the risk of bacterial contamination by waste water