The AG2401(C) is a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) based hardwired Lightning Protective device that is UL listed as a Secondary Surge Arrester, Category OWHX. These devices, commonly called Lightning Arresters, have been tested according to the ANSI/IEEE Standards C62.11 and C62.34. Secondary Surge Arresters are designed to protect electrical equipment from the damaging effects of transient surges caused by lightning, utility switching, electric motor cycling, insulation arcing andvarious other large or sudden changes in electric current flow.


The AG2401 is a single phase, two-pole arrester designed to protect single or split phase 120 volt or 120/240 volt electrical systems. Installation of the arrester can be made indoors or outdoors. Secondary Surge Arresters may be installed at the meter can or on the service entrance. Installation is allowed on the line side or the load side of the main disconnect of the service. Arresters may also be installed at an individual piece of equipment.


  • For 120/240 VAC Single phase applications
  • For installation in Category “C”, “B” and “A” locations. Service Entrance, branch panel and individual equipment applications
  • Parallel installation
  • Multi-Mode protection
  • Line – to – Ground
  • Line – to – Line
  • NEMA 4 polycarbonate plastic enclosure
  • ½” nipple wire entry
  • UV resistant
  • 18″, 12-gauge color coded leads