Edisson Liquid Line Filter-Driers protect the refrigerant system from liquid and solid contaminants. Full flow fittings for low pressure drop.


– High filtration capacity
– Corrosion resistant finish
– Stand lengths- easily interchangeable with other drivers
– 500 Psig safe working pressure
– Hard copper on sweat connector types
– Large wrench flats on flare connectors
– High moisture removal capacity
– High capacity for organic acids, inorganic acids and oil breakdown products.
– New internal construction- improved moisture removal and filtration capabilities.
– 40 micron filter system
– No vibration resulted from pad movement
– Porous style (swing load)
– ODF or SAE type adaptors available
– Suitable for R12, R22, R410A, R134A and R502 refrigerant
– Models range from 1/4 to 1-1/8 Connections.