///Alka-Brite Plus Coil Cleaner

Alka-Brite Plus Coil Cleaner

A non-acid, alkaline-based product for brightening and cleaning air-cooled condensers. It contains the best available detergents and surfactants to quickly penetrate and remove greasy soils and oxidation and its foaming helps lift greasy soils out of the coil, leaving equipment clean and bright.

For cleaning and brightening air cooled condensers, permanent filters and other finned heating and cooling coils. It is not recommended for indoor use and it should not be used on evaporator coils.


  • Condenser Coil

Features & Benefits

  • Grease, Dirt, Oil
  • Cooking Grease
  • Lint, Dust, Grime
  • Corrosion Deposits
  • Cottonwood, Bugs


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